Norseland were proud to win further awards in the industry and consumer respected Great Taste Awards 2015. Jarlsberg, Jarlsberg Reserve and Gudbrandsdalen all won Great Taste Awards this year with some fantastic feedback. Feedback from the judges below:

Jarlsberg (Original) – An appealing delicate yellow, this Jarlsberg cuts very well and has a lovely aroma. It has a lovely mouthfeel with fruity apple notes and creaminess with a touch of acidity. A lilting floral note.

Jarlsberg Reserve – A creamy yellow cheese with a great aroma. It has a lovely sweetness with a good acidic balance, excellent texture and slight nuttiness.

Gudbrandsdalen – Great smooth appear with an inviting colour. Clean, pleasant melt on the tongue. As it warms in the mouth many layers of flavour come through, hint by hint. Enjoyable and we can imagine this would be an innovative ingredient.