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Jarlsberg® Original

The UK’s No.1 Deli Cheese with Holes* has a sweet and nutty taste with a creamy texture. The original Jarlsberg® is based on a secret Norwegian recipe from 1956 – so secret that only a handful of trusted people know its whereabouts and custodians. Jarlsberg® cheese has a rounded taste and mysterious holes.
*Kantar Data 2016

Jarlsberg® Special Reserve

This exclusive variety of Jarlsberg® is ripened for a minimum of 12 months. The ageing process retains the characteristic flavours and aromas, but intensifies them to produce a stronger, more robust cheese. It is a delicacy on its own and an excellent choice for cheese platters or as a finger food for buffets. It’s also well worth experimenting with as a cooking ingredient, where a stronger flavour is required to give your dish some real zing.

Applewood Cheese Logo


The UK’s No.1 Smoke Flavoured Cheese* was first created in 1965, deep in the heart of Somerset by people who really know a thing or two about cheese. Made using traditional Cheddar, Applewood® has a delicate smoky flavour throughout and a lovely smooth texture. A truly innovative British Cheddar and a family favourite, Applewood® is finished with a hand-dusting of paprika for good measure.
 Kantar Data 2016*

Applewood® Vegan

A smooth and creamy vegan cheese alternative blended with Applewood®’s unique smoky flavouring. Free From Dairy, Soya, Lactose and Gluten. Tastes delicious especially when melted. 

Recently named Best Vegan Cheese Brand in the Vegan Food and Living Awards 2022, strengthening its awards collection which includes accolades such as the Best Vegan Cheese in the Vegan Food UK Awards 2019 and 2022; Gold award at the FreeFrom Food Awards 2020; and Best Vegan Cheese For Melting in the Vegan Cheese Co. 2019 Awards.


Applewood Vintage brand logo

Applewood® Vintage

Exquisitely smooth, rich and smoky. Applewood® Vintage is made from specially selected 12 month matured West Country Farmhouse Cheddar and has a predominant smoke flavour with creaminess of cheese that melts in the mouth. Creamy yellow in colour with a light, dusting of paprika on the outer edges, enjoy with a glass of Argentinian Malbec, seeded flatbreads and friends.

Mexicana® Original

The UK’s No.1 Spicy Cheese* combines a fiery mix of bell, jalapeno and chilli peppers carefully blended with traditional British Cheddar and a secret mix of Mexican spices, to create a colourful, flavoursome and vibrant cheese. Also known as the Original Chilli Cheese, Mexicana® is not for the faint hearted. Dare you to try?
* Kantar Data 2016

Mexicana® Extra Hot

Due to popular demand, Mexicana® Extra Hot was created as, and still is, the spiciest commercially available cheese in the UK.  Combining a fiery mix of bell, jalapeno and chilli peppers carefully blended with traditional British Cheddar and a secret mix of Mexican spices, Mexicana® Extra Hot adds a real kick that appeals to hard core spicy food fans.

Mexicana® Vegan

Mexicana® Vegan uses the secret Mexicana® recipe of the UK’s #1 Spicy cheese in this delicious, spicy flavoured vegan cheeze alternative. With the perfect texture to slice, grate or melt, it adds an exciting spicy twist to any recipe. Pizzas, toasties and jacket potatoes will be spiced up with the super melting capability of Mexicana® Vegan.


Won the Best Dairy-Free Vegan Cheese Blocks Category in the Quality Food Awards and the Gold Medal in the Milk Product Alternatives category of the prestigious Free From Food Awards 2021.

Ilchester logo

Ilchester® Cheese

Ilchester® Cheese was born in 1962 when founder Ken Seaton discovered that he could keep his Cheddar fresh by dipping it in Beer! Tasting rather good, Beer cheese was created… We pride ourselves on the quality of our cheeses to ensure that we surprise and delight you with an ever-evolving collection of British speciality cheeses. Our product development team are passionate foodies who use a wide variety of different ingredients when creating our cheese.

Ilchester® Vegan

Ilchester Vegan Melting Mature and Ilchester Vegan Blue launched in 2021 with consumers describing the Melting Mature as “the best melting vegan cheeze in the market”. Made from coconut base, they free from dairy, lactose, gluten, soy and palm oil.

Snorfrisk brand logo


Translated to English as Snow Fresh, this beautiful white cheese was launched during the Olympic Games in Lillehammer, Norway 1994. A semi-hard cheese, the taste is tangy with a characteristic yet mild taste of goat’s milk. No artificial colourants or preservatives are used in Snøfrisk®, allowing it to be so fresh, you can almost taste the mountain air…




Also referred to as Norway’s National Cheese, this soft, sweet, brown cheese was created in 1863 in the valley of Gudbrandsdalen, Norway. A Brown fudge-like cheese with a distinct sweet taste of caramel, Gudbrandsdalen is made from mixing whey, goat’s milk, cow’s cream and cow’s milk. The cheese has a firm texture, sweet in taste, almost caramel like and melts in the mouth.

Marmite Logo


For the lovers… Offer your consumers a unique branded alternative with Marmite Cheddar. A Cheddar cheese carefully blended with Marmite which can be used for lunchboxes, cheeseboards or as a tasty treat!

Find our Marmite Cheddar snacking net in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrose and ASDA stores across the UK. 

Own Label


Own Label

Norseland Ltd can offer your business a wide selection of innovative and blended cheeses so that you can benefit from the growth in this important cheese sector. Available in a wide variety of formats and sizes including a comprehensive snacking range, these cheeses can suit both the retail and foodservice markets.




Minis & Snacking

Increase your snacking category sales with our Mini and Snacking options. Norseland Ltd offer snacking items in 15-20g chuckles, sticks and a number of different shapes including dinosaurs, stars, hearts, or any shape you request! Available in a bag or net. Norseland’s top snacking packs include the Ilchester Snacking Net, Applewood® sticks and Marmite chuckles. Great for travel caterers, airlines, bars, food to go, convenience and schools.



Norseland Ltd offer a number of formats and sizes for delicatessen including half wheels, full wheels, deli express and mixed weight. For more information regarding Norseland’s delicatessen range please contact us here.



Our pre-pack formats include but are not limited to wedges, slices, modified atmosphere packaging as well as vacuum sealed formats. For more information regarding Norseland’s Pre-pack range please contact us here.


Airline in Flight & Food to Go Cheese Portions

Norseland’s award winning cheese portions have landed! Our offering includes a variety of formats designed specifically for in-flight catering and food to go. Conveniently packed and with some ambient offerings, they are great for in-flight meals, snack boxes or food to go retailing.