Britain’s favourite smoky Cheddar (Kantar, 2023)

Welcome to the world of Applewood® Cheese, the adventurous British Cheddar with a distinctively different smoky taste, complemented beautifully with a dusting of earthy paprika! Applewood® is a cheeky little rustic cheese, quite eccentric in its taste and proudly British. Created in the West Country since 1965 in the heart of the British Countryside.


Applewood® Vintage is a creamy, smooth, and an exquisitely rich 12-month matured West Country Farmhouse Cheddar awarded with a Protected Designation Origin status. Deliciously smoky, and beautifully finished with a dusting of earthy paprika which captures the flavour of the British Countryside. Perfect for cheeseboards and paired with a glass of wine.

Applewood Vegan® is a deliciously smoky flavoured vegan cheeze which melts beautifully, has a smooth and creamy texture, and a distinctively different award-winning taste. Made from a coconut base blended with our unique and much-loved Applewood® flavouring. Making your dishes, sandwiches and snacks delicious. Fortified with calcium and B12, and free from dairy, gluten, soya, palm oil and lactose.

The UK’s No.1 Spicy Cheese (Kantar, 2023)

  Infused with 14 delicious spices, real jalapeño, bell and chilli peppers to excite your tastebuds! The vibrant colour of Mexicana® comes from a natural blend of chillies and spices. Nothing but British Cheddar and natural ingredients go into making this deliciously smooth, spicy Cheddar cheese!



Since our first Beer Cheese created in 1962 in Somerset, we have artfully created a unique collection of great British prize-winning cheeses, styled, and paired to perfection with wholesome ingredients to suit all taste palates. Ilchester® uses quality British cheese, mixed with the finest tasting ingredients from around the globe.


FOR THE LOVERS. We’ve teamed up with our mates at Marmite® to bring you this lovely Marmite® Cheddar. The perfect combination of delicious British Cheddar, marbled with a tasty hint of Marmite®. Perfect for snacking, lunchboxes, cheeseboards or as a tasty treat!


Jarlsberg® is such a wonderfully distinctive and versatile cheese which is made to melt. Perfect as a regular staple for sandwiches, to complement your salads, to create memorable cheeseboards or indulgent appetizers, as an irresistible cheeky late-night snack or to elevate your toasties, pizza, fries, nachos, burger, mac and cheese, fondue and more… the list is endless!


Jarlsberg® Reserve is ripened for a minimum of 12 months. The ageing process retains the characteristic flavours and aromas, but intensifies them to produce a stronger, more robust cheese. It is a delicacy on its own and an excellent choice for cheese platters or as a finger food for buffets. It’s also well worth experimenting with as a cooking ingredient, where a stronger flavour is required to give your dish some real zing.

Translated to English as Snow Fresh, this beautiful white cheese was launched during the Olympic Games in Lillehammer, Norway 1994. A semi-hard cheese, the taste is tangy with a characteristic yet mild taste of goat’s milk. No artificial colourants or preservatives are used in Snøfrisk®, allowing it to be so fresh, you can almost taste the mountain air…


Also referred to as Norway’s National Cheese, this soft, sweet, brown cheese was created in 1863 in the valley of Gudbrandsdalen, Norway. A Brown fudge-like cheese with a distinct sweet taste of caramel, Gudbrandsdalen is made from mixing whey, goat’s milk, cow’s cream and cow’s milk. The cheese has a firm texture, sweet in taste, almost caramel like and melts in the mouth.