Norseland is an operating subsidiary of Tine SA and part of Tine International. TINE SA is Norway’s largest producer, distributor and exporter of dairy products. Our goal is to provide our customers with food that provides a healthier and positive food experience.

TINE SA is organised as a cooperative owned by more than 13,000 Norwegian dairy farmers. Each member is a shareholder in the cooperative to which they deliver 1.4 billion litres of cow’s milk and about 19 million litres of goat’s milk every year. The milk is processed into more than 200 different products which are sold under the TINE trademark.

The TINE Group also consists of several fully owned and partially owned subsidiaries. Outside dairy products the group manufactures products ranging from ice cream, juice to marine products. The dairy cooperative is Norway’s largest food manufacturer with a total of 5,463 employees and an annual turnover of 21.4 billion NOK (2014).

TINE Partner Details

Please find more information about our markets and international partners below:


Jalsberg® was first introduced in Australia in the early 1960’s. The brand continues to grow and is today distributed in more than 90% of supermarkets.

Our partner in Australia
Jarlsberg® has been marketed, sold and distributed by Cantrella Bros. Ltd since 1993.

TINE products:
150g slices
250g wedges
prepacked random weights wedges
250g blocks
500g blocks
Jarlsberg® Lite:
Random weight wedges
150g  slices

Ski Queen®
For more detail visit www.jarlsberg.com/au

Cantarella Bros. Pty. Ltd.
118 Wetherill Street
P.O. Box 6565
NSW 1811
Tel: (+612) 9748 0299
Fax: (+612) 9748 1915
E-mail: marketing@vittoriacoffee.com
Link : http://www.cantarella.com.au/


The Italian brothers Orazio and Carmelo Cantrella founded the company in 1947. They started by importing and retailing European food stuffs to the growing post-war migrant population in Australia. Within a few years, the brothers had gradually extended the distribution into other states, and subsequently established a substantial import and wholesale business.

Today the company is run by the second generation and the business spans the whole of Australia and New Zealand. They distribute more than 1,000 products to supermarkets, delicatessen companies, and department store clients.


TINE partnership with Interfood Ges.m.b.H. of Hall in Tirol, Austria.

Representing TINE Export products in Austria is Interfood GmbH of Hall in Tirol.

Company name:
Interfood Ges.m.b.H.

Company address:
Innsbrucker Strasse 77
A – 6060 Hall in Tirol

Contact person:
Managing Director
Mr.Christian Höllwart
Email: ch.hoellwarth@interfood.at

+ 43 5223 56808

+ 43 5223 56808-20


Norseland Inc., Canada, is a branch of Norseland Inc. Stamford, Connecticut, USA. Today Jarlsberg is one of the top imported branded cheeses in Canada. In 1999 it was judged “best all round cheese” in the Imported Variety Cheese Competition at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

Norseland Inc., Canada was established in 1993 when it took over from G.A: Wagner Marketing Inc., TINE’s agents since 1963. The branch, located in Montreal, Quebec, acts as marketing and sales representatives for TINE. In this capacity, it manages the sales of all TINE cheeses to their Canadian customers, and develops marketing programmes to support these sales. Norseland in Canada also acts in the same capacity for Käserei Champignon, a leading German soft matured cheese producer.

Norseland Inc. Canada
In 1963 G A Wagner started an agency in Canada representing foreign cheese and delicatessen foods.


Jarlsberg® is one of the Danes’ breakfast favourites and very popular as an ingredient in hot dishes and salads. Jarlsberg® has been a big success since its introduction in the 1990’s.
TINEs Norwegian Mysost is also a very popular TINE cheese among the Danes. 52% of all Danes are familiar with Norwegian Mysost, and sales have been on the increase in recent years.

Our Partner in Denmark: Wernersson Ost Danmark A/S

Wernersson Ost Danmark A/S is a subsidiary of Wernersson Ost, a company in the TINE®Group from September 2007. Wernersson Ost Danmark A/S has more than 1200 product lines in their portfolio, and the business involves purchasing, refining and marketing an international and attractive cheese assortment to Danish consumers. Wernersson Ost Danmark works towards maintaining its close connections to the customers, and focusing on meeting the expectations and requirements in the market.

TINE products:
Gudbrandsdalsost (Myseost)
Ekte Geitost
Wernersson Ost Danmark A/S
Stengårdsvej 5,  4340 Tølløse


Finland has long cheese traditions, and a strong dairy industry. Norwegian cheeses have been present in the Finnish market for generations, mainly with the traditional Gudbrandsdalen (whey/brown cheese).

In 2009 also Jarlsberg ® was launched in premium outlets. It is gradually getting broader consumer acceptance for it´s mellow and rich taste, perfect for the Finnish palet.
TINE and Wernersson brands are promoted by Valkoinen Risti – Vita Korset, which has represented TINE in Finland since the 1980s.

Oy Valkoinen Risti – Vita Korset Ab
Linnanherrankuja 4
FI-00950 Helsinki

Contact person:

Mr Timo Friman

Tel 09 3434940



Jarlsberg® was first introduced in the German market in the 1970’s.

The TINE products are today primarily sold at cheese counters and selected supermarkets throughout Germany. For more information on where to find our products, please contact our partner.

Jarlsberg® Special Reserve
Jarlsberg® Lite
TINE®Ekte Geitost (Goat Cheese)

Our partner in Germany
HKL Hamburger Käselager GmbH
Brandshofer Deich 68 | 20539 Hamburg
Tel. 040 752475-0

Contact person:
Unni Sjøflot, unni.sjoflot@tine.no



The first TINE cheese was introduced to the Japanese market 30 years ago.

It is particularly the mild texture and taste of Ridder®which has been highly appreciated by Japanese consumers. Ridder®is one of the best sales items among branded cheese in Japan and Mitsui are in the process of introducing Jarlsberg®to Japanese consumers

Our partner in Japan

Mitsui & Co. Ltd., was established in 1947 and is Japan’s leading sogo-shosha (trading house).

TINE products

Mitsui & Co. Ltd.
2-1, Ohtemachi 1-chome
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004

Mitsui: http://www.mitsui.co.jp


TINE established partnership in Singapore with QB Food Trading Pte Ltd. QB Food Trading Pte Ltd is one of Singapore’s leading food trading companies, importing and trading in quality foods from all over the world in Singapore.

QB Food offers a wide variety of products under her distributorship, ranging from chilled foods, frozen foods, dairy products, dry products, frozen processed products to halal products. In addition, QB has also developed two successful house brands.

The Company has a large and constantly growing customer base in the categories retail, food service, arlines and export markets. Their products are exported to Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, The Philippines and Thailand.


QB Food Trading Pte Ltd
8 Chin Bee Crescent
Singapore 619893

Telephone: 65) 6261 6120, 62616497
Facsimile: (65) 6265 9698, 62654286
E-mail: qbfood@qbfood.com.sg

Website: www.qbfood.com.sg

South Africa

Maxims Packers and M&L Distributors are our Jarlsberg® partner based in Cape Town, South Africa. They are a professional sales and marketing company distributing major international brands and own labels to all sectors of the South African grocery trade.

They are distributing Jarlsberg in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland and Lesotho.

Ski Queen®

P.O. Box 37247
Chempet 7442 I Cape Town
South Africa

Contact person: 
Mr. Anton Israele
Email: anton@distributors.co.za

Tel.: + 27 21 552 5190
Faks: +27 21 552 3609



TINE’s products are distributed on the Spanish market by Norseland Ltd. The products available are mainly Jarlsberg® and Gudbrandsdalen (brown cheese).

To get more information about the distribution or availability of TINE’s products, please get in touch with:

Norseland Limited

Lakeside House
1 Furzeground Way
Stockley Park
Middlesex UB11 1BD

Tel: (+44) (0) 208 622 3028
Fax: (+44) (0) 208 622 3247

Managing Director:
Nigel Meadows

Norseland Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of TINE SA.


Cheese plays an important role in the Swedish diet. The Swedish market has strong traditions within cheese production and has a large range including a hundred or so varieties.

Our partner in Sweden
Wernersson Ost has the sales responsibility of all TINE products in Sweden.

The history of the Wernersson Group goes back to the 1930s, and the company became a part of TINE in August 2007. The company has two subsidiaries, with Wernersson Tølløse being the distributor of TINE products in Denmark (the other subsidiary is Färskvarugruppen AB).

Gudbrandsdalsost (Mesost)
Ekte Geitost

Wernersson Ost AB
Industrivägen 5
SE-523 90 Ulricehamn

Contact person:
Magnus Andersson
Managing Director
Tel: +46(0)10-161 56 00

United Kingdom

The Jarlsberg® cheese brand was first introduced in the UK in the early 1960’s.

Norseland Ltd. is the UK subsidiary of TINE SA.Jarlsberg®entered the UK market in the early 1960’s. Since 1983, when Norway was again allowed access to the EU, Jarlsberg®has once more proved to be a popular speciality cheese on the UK market.

TINE products available in the UK:
Snøfrisk®semi hard cheese
Gudbrandsdalen cheese
TINE®Ekte Geitost

Norseland Limited
Somerton Road, Ilchester BA22 8JL

Tel: (+44) (0)1935 842800

Managing Director:
Lise Falkfjell


Jarlsberg® has been exported to the United States since the early 1960s, and is America’s #1 speciality cheese with more than 90% distribution. Jarlsberg® claims the highest awareness among U.S. consumers over any other speciality cheese in the U.S.

TINE products in the US:
TINE®Ekte Geitost

TINE’s subsidiary Norseland Inc. is responsible for the distribution, sales and marketing of TINE products in North America.


Ukraine is one of the biggest countries in Europe with a population of approx. 47 mill people.

Our partner in Ukraine:

OKA Import-Export Lebensmittel AG

Vor dem langholz 1

87477 Sulzberg


e-mail: office@oka-europe.com

Contactperson:  Christian Müller

Tel:: + 49 8376 92144-0

Fax:: + 49 8376 92144-9